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From the Sumerian city of Ur emerged the patriarchal family of Avraham whose great-grandson Yosef would be led down to Egypt in chains...and would end up saving the region from famine.

Follow the trail of this family down to Egypt, discover the culture of this most mysterious of ancient civilizations, imagine life as a slave under the Pharaoh and meet some awesome real Mummies who used to walk the streets of ancient Egypt!

Under the Rule
of the Pharaohs

During the First Temple era, Israel and Judea repeatedly came under attack from the superpowers of their day: the Assyrians and the Babylonians.

Come up close and personal to personalities like Sannacheriv and Nevuchadnezzar and discover their methods of warfare. Come and see stunning reliefs directly from their palaces in Nineve and Bavel that bring this tragic chapter of Jewish history to life.

The Assyrians
are coming!

On the fateful night that Belshazaar saw the writing on the wall, the Persians and Medes took over control of the huge empire the Babylonians had left behind.

The Jews who were now exiled from their land soon found themselves subjects of Achashverosh, whose court was famed for its opulence and decadence. Let Megillat Esther come to life and follow the Jews as they experience the foreign policy of their new rulers.

in Persia

Alexander the Great brought enlightened Greek civilisation with him when he marched into the land of Israel in 332 BCE. Ultimately though, Greek culture would conflict with Torah values and ignite a clash of civilizations in the land of Israel during the Second Temple period. Come and see the 'beauty of Yafet' and meet some of the personalities that we faced off at the time of the Chanukah story and during the Hellenistic domination of the land of Israel.

Alexander the Great
and the Maccabian Revolt

From the year 63 BCE when the Roman General Pompeii marched into Judea and the Temple, the Jews would live under Roman rule and patronage for over five centuries. Come and meet some of the people whose policies deeply affected the lives of the Jews in the Empire. Come and see the soldiers who burned down Jerusalem in 70 CE. Come to grips with a civilization that laid the foundation for today’s democracy and yet became the nemesis of the Jewish people in the first century CE..

and the Jews

Nebuchadnezzar in his famous dream envisioned a colossal statue made of four elements, each representing another World Empire under whose domination the Jewish people would live. Travel back in time to experience the four very different cultures that first subdued and then attempted to absorb the eternal people. Surround yourself with artefacts hailing from a glorious past and imagine the long journey of our people.

The Four

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The world renowned British Museum is a treasure trove of artefacts relating directly or contextually to the narrative of the Tenach and of Jewish history. In all, the museum showcases some 50,000 artefacts in almost 100 galleries, covering an area of over 92,000m²! To maximise your time in this vast museum, a tour guide who can identify for you exhibitions of interest, who can bring information to illuminate what you are seeing and who can tell a story that will bring the artefacts to life, is invaluable. If you are a student of the Tenach, if you are a Jew who carries Jewish history in his or her heart, if you have an interest in Biblical archaeology, book a Tenach Tour today for a truly memorable experience!

About the Tour Guide

Your tour guide, Shoshana Tugendhaft, holds a BA in History and studied Ancient and Medieval Jewish Texts in the Michlala in Jerusalem. She has been a teacher of Tenach, Jewish History and Jewish Philosophy for over 20 years both at high school level and in adult education. In her tours, Shoshana combines her enthusiasm for education with her passion for Jewish History to bring the world famous collections at the museum to life.

Tour guide Shoshana Tugendhaft welcomes you to the British Museum

Interview: "Tell it to Esti"


Rachelle L.

A huge thank you to Shoshana for her wonderful was a real Channukah treat!

Amelie L.

That was fascinating...thank you Shoshana for being an outstanding guide!

Tzipporah M.

The boys really loved that...thank you for bringing ancient Egypt to life for us! When can we book another tour?!

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